Taste of Home in Sendai

When far from home, what can suddenly take you back is neither a place, language or person, but the food! Once you’ve had a taste of your home country’s familiar meals, all of your memories suddenly come flooding back. It is

‘The taste of home’

In Sendai, it is quite difficult to find restaurants that offer authentic Vietnamese cuisine. I think it is because Vietnamese food requires some ingredients that are hard to source in Japan. And it is even harder to find a restaurant that offers the most famous Vietnamese food – Pho –  in Sendai. Really, really hard!

However, after a bit of searching and asking around, I have found a restaurant that offers this meal and it is quite similar in taste to the original. Woah! So glad!

This is what Pho looks like in Vietnam

Source: Hanoitourist

I guess Pho is a meal pretty well-known among non-Vietnamese too, right? If you are looking to try it for the first time or you are also a Pho-deprived expat-Vietnamese like me, you can drop by this restaurant to give it a go!

Actually, this restaurant is a Chinese restaurant but it has Vietnamese Pho on its menu (both chicken Pho and beef Pho) and the price is quite tasty too – only 880¥.

You can find this restaurant on the 9th Floor of Parco mall, near Sendai Station; a very convenient location, right!?

Address: 1-2 Chuo Aoba-Ku | Sendai Parcow, Sendai 980-0021, Miyagi Prefecture.

You can also make reservations through this phone: +81 22-774-8177

It offers other famous Chinese meals, such as noodles with pork and special soup (I do not know what the name of the soup is but it tastes a bit sweet, fatty and spicy). The restaurant can serve a dish of chili if you request so! This is the only restaurant I have come across so far in Japan that I can taste that kind of spicy chili – traditional Japanese meals are not spicy at all.

The dish samples look so good that I want to try everything!!!

The price in here is affordable for a student like me, the most expensive one is just around 1,500¥.

We ordered 2 dishes, one of chicken Pho and one is ‘Dan Dan’ soup noodles.

Pho looks quite similar to the Vietnamese version and the taste is pretty close, too. It would be much better with some other Vietnamese herbs and vegetables.

The soup is a bit sweet, a bit sour, and a bit spicy. If you add a bit of chili and lemon juice, the taste will be even better.

And the Dan Dan soup noodle.

Really, really tasty and looks so spicy, right?! It consists of a spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables, chili oil, Sichuan pepper, minced pork, and scallions served over the hot noodles.

The pork meat is very soft. Once you eat, it is like the meat just melts in your mouth.

However, this dish should probably be avoided by those on a diet, or who want to be thin because it contains a lot of calories and protein! Pork! Pork everywhere!

After a tasty lunch, we come to dessert. There are so many types of desserts on the menu, but and we chose these two:

Eating ice-cream in the winter is one of the best experiences that you must try immediately, especially when you sitting in a warm restaurant, and outside there is snow falling. These sweet dishes only cost another 650\ per dish. Still very affordable!

Despite the main ingredient being ice-cream, it is not too sweet to eat! The various toppings will lessen the sugary sweetness for a better taste.

You also can choose the drink-bar menu and drink water, coffee, tea as much as you like for around 350円( if I remember right). You can also just order a drink from the menu or simply take the free water with your meal.

I hope you now you have another tasty choice for your stay in Sendai and enjoy experiencing the fusion of culinary cultures here!

Nhu Hoang – Vietnam

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