“Kazunori Ikeda Individuel”: The BEST cake shop in Tohoku

“いただきます” or “Itadakimasu”

              is the expression used before eating in Japan, honored as the ‘Gourmet World’ of Asia. With a wide range of foods to try, one thing visitors to Japan must not miss, of course, is to taste such gorgeous foods here, especially the Western confectionery in Japanese style. Although they were actually adopted from western cultures, their taste had been modified and became a new unique Japanese one—lighter, fresher and mellower—which are now very popular among Japanese people themselves. By the way, although this kind of sweets is being sold even in convenient stores, the best  and the most impressive experience would be, of course, from homemade or stand-alone shop as we can actually taste them from actual chef’s hand that are full of deliciousness and uniqueness from chef’s creativity, which cannot be found from nowhere else.

                When talking about Tohoku region, almost people may think about the nature-based tourists attractions i.e. Red Leaves Festivals in autumn; by the way, foods, western confectionery and cake shop are also outstanding here. Thus, I would like to introduce the best cake shop in Tohoku region (Miyagi, Sendai) which is also an outstanding spot among other natural tourist attractions, “Kazunori Ikeda Individuel.” This homemade cake shop is, in fact, very famous among Japanese people guaranteed by the first place for Tohoku sweets shops on tabelog.com, the restaurant ranking website being used worldwide. Kazunori Ikeda Individuel was established since 2011 by Mr. Kazunori Ikeda, a Japanese patissier who obtained the winner price from international dessert competition and experienced cake shops in France for many years. I can say that cakes from this shop are not only things for eating but also artworks with superb outlook showing the meaning and soul of each pieces. By the way, just describing literally may not be able to reach the uttermost actual images of this shop, so let’s see some cakes being sold in details and then you will realize that Kazunori Ikeda Individuel is actually the best cake shop here.

[ Tarte aux fruits rouges ]

“Fruit Tart with filled almond cream and macaron: Love at first sight”

Among all the cakes being sold here, I bet this fruit tart “Tarte aux fruits rouges” would be your first sight regarding to its prominent outlook—colorful and abundant fruits with nice chocolate and macaron decoration. This piece of cake is composed of tart crust at the base filled with almond cream inside and top with various kind of berry and a macaron. いただきます!!! The taste was awesome. The almond cream was not too sweet and harmonized well with topping fruits, which were fresh and tasteful (sweet and sour). The macaron was also nice and we cannot it is just a subordinate. This masterpiece was my recommendation (520 Yen).

[ Intense ]

Chocolate cake, which seems plain and too general in cake shops, is, however, one of the strongest point of this shop because of its uniqueness. “Intense”, chocolate cake of Kazunori Ikeda Individuel, is composed of rich and sturdy chocolate mousse with sponge cake as the base. Also, there was a thin layer of rice crispy. Thus, if you eat all of the layer at once, you will experience the taste of chocolate which is not too sweet and not too bitter, just the right taste with a contrast of texture from crispy rice. Also, based on my own experience, I perceived a light citrus smell from the chocolate, which made this cake become elegant, multidimensional in taste, and distinctive (490 Yen).

“Chocolate mousse cake: a unique masterpiece of Kazunori Ikeda Individuel”

Tarte Ladies & Gentlemen ]

“Lemon (tea) Tart: Ladies & Gentlemen? Lemon tea? The most unique lemon tart I’ve ever seen!”

Although Tarte aux fruits rouges was my love first sight, however, the first cake I have ever tried from this shop is this lemon tart called “Tarte Ladies & Gentlemen” because of its mysterious name. I need to say that this is one of the most unique lemon tart I’ve ever seen. For a normal one, it is composed of shortcrust as the base filled with lemon curd (lemon flavored custard). Some shops may add meringue (sweet whipped egg white) on the top to balance lemon’s sourness. The thing that made me surprised from the first bite was a thin black tea layer secretly added below lemon curd used to balance the taste instead of meringue. The contrast of lemon and black tea can represent “Ladies and Gentlemen” well, and that may be the origin of this tart’s name. The taste was surprisingly awesome; I would say that this is not just a lemon tart but “lemon tea tart”, the unique masterpiece seen from nowhere else (400 Yen).

Gion ]

By the combination of chocolate green tea mousse and marron (chestnut) cream, this piece of cake represents Japanese style the most. The taste of this one was definitely great as well; mousse had the right balance of sweetness and bitterness with strong fragrance of green tea, and when we eat it with marron cream, everything goes well together. The crust below was crispy contrasting with smoothness of mousse and cream, which made this masterpiece shine brighter. This is also one of my recommendation as I’ve never seen green tea and marron together anywhere else before (490 Yen).

“Chocolate Green Tea mousse cake top with marron cream: The most Japanese style”

The concept of this shop is “Passion! Nouveau! Surprise!”; definitely, its products can represent these ideas well. The superb outlook shows the passion and soul of the chef; the ingredients and combination represent modern (nouveau) ideas, and finally, the delicious and unique taste surprise us in every bite. Apart from above mentioned cakes, Kazunori Ikeda Individuel also provides other wide ranges of western confectionery, especially French desserts i.e. croissants, macarons, cheesecake, eclair, choux cream and cookies etc. which you can buy it for yourself or as souvenirs, which is also a good idea.



Kazunori Ikeda Individuel is located in Miyagi, Sendai with 3 branches in the center of the city. All of them can be easily approached using subways or trains. The most accessible one may be Sendai S-pal branch beside Sendai station. Also, the cafe (or salon) is provided at Minamimachidori branch, which is near Aobadori-ichibancho station (subway). You can see the location and contact of each branches below. Let’s widen your world of desserts taste here, and you will not be disappointed for sure. Thanks  to Mr. Kazunori Ikeda who made such this grateful sweets for us.

“ごちそうさまでした!!!” (“Gochisousamadeshita”)

Jozenji Avenue Branch

Weekdays 11:00 – 20:00

     Saturday  10:00 – 20:00

     Sunday     10:00 – 19:00

Kotodai-koen station


 Kazunori Ikeda Individual: Jozenji Avenue Branch

Minamimachi Avenue Branch

Weekdays 11:00 – 20:00

     Saturday  10:00 – 20:00

     Sunday     10:00 – 19:00

Aobadori-ichibancho station


 Kazunori Ikeda Individual: Minamimachi Avenue Branch

Sendai S-pal Branch

Weekdays 10:00 – 21:00

     Saturday  10:00 – 21:00

     Sunday     10:00 – 21:00

Sendai station


 Kazunori Ikeda Individual: Sendai S-pal Branch

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