Cheap and Delicious Restaurants in Sanjo-machi

Most students who enter Tohoku University will choose to live in a dorm in the Sanjo-machi area, such as Tohoku University International House Sanjo I and II or Tohoku University House. However, I guess everyone only has one thought on their mind  when they first arrive here – “is there anything else to do other than hang at home?”

In fact, there are some great places nearby, just waiting for you to discover! To save those who have just arrived here from eating all meals at the convenience store (trust me, that was exactly my daily life when I first arrived), here are some cheap and delicious choices for you!

P.S: ‘Delicious’ is based on my personal taster – so different people may have a different opinion!

P.P.S: The color of the title references the position of each restaurant on the map.

P.P.P.S: the more ¥ signs, the more expensive ( one ¥sign =less than 500 yen. Every extra ¥sign = an additional 250 yen).

肉い一郎(Nikui-Ichiro) Ramen for students

Yummy: ♥♥♥


Category: Ramen

When I was brand-new resident here, I was so happy to find-out out that, with my student discount for just 500 yen, I could have super-large ramen with a mountain of sprouts!! These days you have to pay an extra 30 yen, but it is still very affordable.

Student-discount Ramen(学生らーめん)

Some might argue “What the?? 500 yen ramen? That’s so expensive!” but honestly you will feel so satisfied as soon as you see the large amount of noodles and sprouts. And you will also experience the real food-coma after this meal. (The egg is an extra topping, not included in the original ramen)

Girls with a slightly smaller stomach can choose the レディースラーメン(Lady’s Ramen) option. The cook will decrease the amount of noodles but give you more sprouts!

‘Lady’s Ramen’


Like many other ramen stores, you can place your order by first purching a ticket at the vending machine. After handing over your ticket, the staff will ask you your preferred amount of noodles.

めんはおおもりですか?(men ha oomori desuka) Would you like the large-size of noodles?

and if you choose ‘Lady’s Ramen’, you will been asked:

やさいはおおもりですか?(yasai ha oomori desuka), Would you like large-size of sprouts?

The last important question is:

にんにくがいりますか?(ninniku ga irimasuka), Would you like garlic added?

I think adding garlic makes the taste even more delicious. So if you like garlic, don’t hesitate to say:” はい!” (hai! = yes!)

食堂 月や(Tsukiya) 500¥ Set-meal

Yummy: ♥♥♥


Category: 定食 (set-meal)

Tsukiya is located nearby ‘Nikuiichiro’ and offers some delicious set-meals for 500 yen!

Each set-meal is a traditional Japanese style set-meal, and there are also a range of dishes and udon-noodles you can choose from.

If you’re student, you can ask for more rice for free! It is so kind when you are so hungry but don’t have a lot of money.

NAN TANDOORI Indian Curry and Nan

Yummy: ♥♥♥♥

Price: ¥¥

Category:  Indian Curry and Nan

780 yen Nan-set

If having Japanese food every day is too boring for you, you can come to this Indian style restaurant and try their amazing Nan!

There are 4 curry options: Chicken, Keema, Vegetable, and Dal beans. For me the chicken flavor is the best, and keema tastes pretty good, too! For those with smaller appetites, the 780 yen set is more than enough! It includes 1 big Nan-bread, 1 bowl of curry, 1 small salad and a bowl of rice. I feel SO full after finishing this set every time. If you think 780 yen is a little bit expensive, there are also 500 yen bento-box options that you can take-away. My friend usually buys the boxed meal and takes it home to eat with rice cooked by himself!

nan bento menu

I must introduce the special drink: Lassi. This white drink looks like Japanese ‘Calpis’, but has the texture of coconut-juice. The sour but sweet taste fits perfectly with the curry and nan~

There is a bit of mystery about the owner… Every time I go there, the chef making the nan looks like he is from India. But someone told me the owner is not Indian…So isn’t the chef the owner or is the chef with the Indian face not Indian? Quite interesting! If you are brave enough, please help me ask him lol!

久美食堂  ‘Kumi Dining-hall’

Yummy: ♥♥♥♥

Price: ¥¥

Category:  定食 (set-meal)

This restaurant also offers the common-style Japanese meal sets. The price is little bit higher, about 750 yen for one set. BUT!!!!!!!!!! The amount is really astonishing! Last time I went with quite an empty stomach, but I felt so full after I was finished! I am a girl with big appetite (you can ask my friends if you don’t believe me lol). However, I felt the food filling my belly almost up to my throat! Some of my male friends also told me they felt sufficiently replete! If you are starving, you must try this dining hall. I promise you will walk out happy and well-satisfied.

‘Oyakodon’ (chicken and egg on rice…known as ‘parent & child’ in Japanese!!) set-meal

There are still a lot of restaurants I haven’t tried yet. Trying all the good food places in the Sanjo area (or nearby the dorms, in other words) is my recent goal!

Please look forward to my next articles for some more cheap and delicious food!!

If you are Taiwanese, please visit my blog to read the Chinese version and other stories of my life in Tohoku!



Opening hours: 11:30am~ 2:30pm  5:30pm~9:30pm (Monday – Saturday)

Closed: Sundays



 Opening hours: 11:30am~ 2:30pm  5:30pm~9:30pm (Everyday)


‘Nan Tandoori’

Opening hours: 11:30~14:30 17:00~21:30 (Everyday)


‘Kumi Dining-Hall’

Opening hours: 11:30am~ 2:30pm  5:30pm~9:30pm (Monday – Saturday)

Closed: Sundays


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