After tsunami hit Japan in 2011, this prefecture became very famous because in this area have nuclear power plants that affected by tsunami. This news makes Fukushima prefecture was afraid to be visited by tourist. But that’s already 6 years ago, and Japanese government already said that the nuclear power plant already save right now. This makes me want to go to Fukushima, to explore the beautiful of Fukushima.

This time we will explore some of the nature and tourist spot in Fukushima in 2 days and 1 night. Lets starts the journey…

♥…First Day…♥

We go in the early morning, you can chose from Tokyo or Sendai you will starts your journey, because from this 2 place It’s very near and easy to go there. First destination is Smelt Fishing….From Tokyo Station It’s only take 1 hour 30 min (from Sendai station 1 hour) by bullet train to Koriyama station and from Koriyama station you can go by JR train to Inawashiro station (40 min) and take taxi to Kotakamori (30 min).

In this place you can do Smelt Fishing, for some people fishing maybe just a common activity, but if you do fishing in winter time and you do it on the top of freeze lake it must be totally awesome. Don’t worry about the weather or being cold, because they provide tent and also the heater. After fishing the fish they will cook it for our lunch or dinner. Trust me its delicious!!! But if you don’t like fish, in that place they also have another menu for you.
If you go to this place on another season, it has a picturesque driveway surrounding the lake, as well as pleasure boats, camping sites and many other entertainment facilities. In summer, you can do camping and bass fishing and drive through beautiful autumn foliage in autumn.

Need more information about the price and the place, please check this link

We only do this half-day, because we still have one another place to go. Now we will go to the ski resort hotel, named Hotel Listel Inawashiro – Ski Fantasia.

We can go back from kotakamori to Inawahiro Stasion by taxi, and from this station the hotel provides free shuttle bus (don’t forget to make the reservation for it). This afternoon I want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the ski slope beside the hotel, but if you can’t do that, don’t be sad you still can build your snowman or slid with your family. If you don’t have ski or snowboard stuff you can rent in this hotel. After enjoy the snow you can swimming in a warm swimming pool or you can go to the hot spring. This hotel’s facilities are very complete, they have karaoke room, kids space, gym, restaurant and they have shop that sell souvenir until rice or fruit that famous in fukushima prefecture. For dinner and breakfast the hotel serve Japanese and western food, which is very tasty.
I’m so in love with this hotel….

If you need more information about the price of the room or the ski stuff you can check this web site or

Our first day journey ends, with full of stomach and relaxing after go to hot spring

♥…Second Day…♥

Don’t oversleep because we have 3 places to go today !!

After enjoy your breakfast we checkout the hotel and go to see beautiful scenery of Lake Inawashiro. We still use the free shuttle bus to Inawashiro station, From this station we can walk 30 min to go to the Lake. Lake Inawashiro is the fourth largest lake in Japan and it’s in center of Fukushima. People call Lake Tenkyo-ko, or heaven’s mirror lake, because its surface reflects the shape of Mt. Bandai-san like a heavenly mirror and on sunny days the clear water appears an even deeper shining blue.
On summer this area is rich in water and greenery, making paragliding and canoeing popular. Inawashiro is the only area in Fukushima that has such a wide variety of activities.
On winter we can see swan migrated from different place gather in this place. Don’t forget to bring your bread to feed the swan and take a cute photo with them, beside that you can go around with the Lake Cruise.


After finish playing in this lake we back to Inawashiro station, and continue our journey to Tsurugajo Castle by JR Train from Inawashiro station to Aizu-wakamatsu station (30 min) and bus from aizu-wakamatsu station to the castle (10 min).

In here you will feel the old jappanese tradition, the Tsurugajo Castle is the strongest and oldest fortress in all of Tohoku. It was built in 1384 by Ashina Naomori and was originally named Kurokawa Castle. Visitors can climb to the top floor of the castle keep and look out onto the surrounding city with just pay 410yen. The inside of the building is an interesting museum with attractive displays about the history of the castle and the samurai lifestyle. And don’t forget to take a picture with the samurai and pretend to be samurai too..

For price and place information please check this link

Our last journey is Oichijuku Village. From Aizu-wakamatsu station we go to Yunokamionsen station by JR train (40 min) and bus from here to Oichijuku village (15 min).

When you see this village is just like you go travel through the time. It’s look like we’re on Edo periods, it’s because Ouchijuku has been restored to look as it did in the Edo Period with telephone and electricity wires buried. The unpaved main street is lined by thick thatched roof buildings, which house a variety of shops, restaurants and minshuku (small traditional Japanese inns).

Negi-soba noodles and locally caught char fish roasted on sticks, imo-mochi and amasake are popular specialties. If you go to this place you have to try this negi-soba, its very unique because we can’t use chopstick to eat the noodle, we use the negi ( spring onion) and we have to eat the negi when we use it as a chopstick.
This is the last place that we visit. We can directly back to Tokyo or Sendai. From Yunokamionsen station to Koriyama station we use JR train ( 2 hour) and from Koriyama station to Tokyo station by bullet train (1 hour 30 min) or to Sendai station (1 hour).

Short escape to Fukushima just a perfect place to go, you can feel different taste of japan, because its really different with Tokyo. You can feels the old Japanese, good food, and some activities that you can’t do in another place in japan except in Fukushima.

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