Zaytoon Palestinian Bistro

Have you ever tried Palestinian food? If not – we’re on the same team!

Well, that is, we were until I recently found this quirky restaurant located just a 10 minute walk from Sendai Station: Zaytoon Palestinian Bistro.

The restaurant is not so big, but once you get inside the atmosphere around you suddenly changes. The room is decorated with gorgeous mosaic tiles, stained-glass lanterns hanging here and there and a small palm tree. You can choose to sit at a normal table or on cushions on the floor.

The first time I visited, Hatem Samieh – the owner and chef of the restaurant –  greeted us graciously. He speaks both English and Japanese. Since this was the first time I had ever tried Palestinian food, the menus looked so amusing to me! Covered in names and words I was not familiar with, I failed to even guess what kind of food would be served on my plate LOL. But do not worry, they put lots of pictures on the menu to help you choose. You can also feel free to ask the chef himself – he will gladly recommend you their best menu items.


This is a cozy place where you can enjoy both time with your company as well as the delicious food. But I do not recommend you to go there with an empty stomach… All the food is made from scratch so once you place your order, you will need to wait around 15-25 minutes. We waited for main meal while enjoying the appetizer: taboon bread and hummus, a healthy dip made from chickpeas. And our patience paid off with a mouth-watering meal!! And the best thing is, all the items on the menu are halal food! There are only a few halal or Moslem-friendly restaurants in Sendai, and this one is absolutely top of my list. It was a great experience. I will definitely be back again soon to try the other interesting food on their menu 😉


 Tuesday-Sunday 12:00-0:00 (Closed on Monday)
 600-1200 JPY
Zaytoon Palestinian Bistro, 大志 マンション 五 橋 101, 3 Chome-5-65 Itsutsubashi, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 984-0022

– written by @annisanoor (Indonesia)

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