Have a Laugh: English Comedy Club in Sendai City

Feeling stressed and in desperate need of some entertainment? Well, take yourself down to the Sendai Comedy Club! You can visit their facebook page to check their current event schedule. Events are usually held in the evening around 7:30 p.m. at Ceskoya restaurant in Sendai City. I went to their event once and I really enjoyed it.

At first it was a little tricky to find the restaurant! But trusty google maps saved the day and directed me to an elevator. If you have any difficulties finding the place, here it is :

Actually it was my first time to go to a pub & bar. The bartender had a very strong-looking body! I think he is from Germany as there was German flag on the wall. I felt a little bit afraid and insecure around people I had not met before but because my friend was with me I was brave enough to talk and blend-in with the environment. My first impression of the place was of a small, quiet bar – not really noisy. There was a nice arrangement of tables, the bar, and the stage. I met with two Japanese women and made small-talk about our lives. It was a nice coversation and easy atmosphere. If you want to make new Japanese friends, maybe this is a good place to start!

I came to this event because one of my friends sometimes performs there as a stand-up comedian. In my country, Indonesia, stand-up comedy is recently become more popular. I like it very much because it is a great stress-relief! I was curious to experience the stand-up comedy style of another country. In the end I did not see my friend (maybe he was busy). But I met new friends here. We joking about alcohol. Someone told us about his experience of a terrible hangover when he didn’t remember a single thing from the night before. Another man was truly kind hearted and treated another to a bottle of wine, for free! If you are lucky enough, maybe he will treat you too 🙂



Not only I could I laugh at and enjoy the jokes but I had some great conversations with new friends! Many of the comedians that night came from different countries, including Japan, America, Switzerland, China and so on. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a joke to come to this event –  so feel free to come along! The food is pretty tasty too –  I ordered orange juice and grilled chicken. Both were tremendously delicious! I also saw some photos on their website and it seems they hold events like a Halloween party there too. If you like to hang out with friends or meet new people why not you give it a shot and come to their event?



One of the memorable performance was by a Japanese woman making jokes about dajare (japanese slang words), using words written on A3 size paper as a visual aid. So I think, beside enjoying the joke, I also learned some japanese words too!

Last but not least, social events like those at Sendai Comedy Club is good for developing our softskills of good humor and good relationships with people from other countries, which maybe will give you different perspective. As a person who has never tried to make a joke, I can also appreciate people who aren’t funny enough to make us smile. Well at least, we try!

There was only one problem after the event was over. Suddenly, I remembered that I have to go back to reality! Tomorrow is waiting for me, but it doesn’t matter – now I know I can also go back to on of these great events to rejuvenate myself!

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