Cheap and delicious food in Sanjo-machi part II

Last time, I introduced you to 4 good places to eat in Sanjo-machi. They are cheap, close to the dormitories of Tohoku University, and delicious without doubt! But there are more than just 4 restaurants offering great cuisine hiding in the streets of Sanjo-machi. So now, I am going to tell let you in on some more well-kept secrets 🙂

1.千極煮干(Sengokuniboshi) Delicious Niboshi Ramen

Yummy: ♥♥♥♥

Price: ¥¥

Category: Ramen, Tsuke-men

The signature dish of this restaurant is their Niboshi Ramen(煮干しラーメン). At first, you may be asking, what is niboshi?? Niboshi is a small dried fish, you can sometimes meet swimming in your miso soup. By boiling them into a tasty stock, it can make very fresh and delicious soup for ramen. It is a ramen soup very different from those made from pork or chicken. You will taste the flavor of sea when you drink it.

This ramen restaurant is quite similar to other ramen stores you find all over Japan. First, you have to buy a food ticket from a vending machine to order your meal. After choosing your dish, hand your ticket to the chef, find where you would like to sit and wait.

You should check the opening hours and the menu available at the time when you want to go. Usually, the restaurant only offers Abura soba (soba noodles without soup but with a tasty oil-like flavouring) and Ramen Koike (らぁめん小池) at lunch time on weekdays. But don’t worry about missing out on your chance to try Niboshi Ramen at lunch time. In fact, Ramen Koike is also type of Niboshi Ramen. The small difference between Ramen Koike and regualr Niboshi Ramen is the type of meat it is served with. And you can still taste the richness of the flavor in the soup made from Niboshi. It is also delicious~!

鯛きち(Taikichi) Famous ‘taiyaki’ shop in Sendai

Yummy: ♥♥♥♥


Category: dessert

We are luck enough to have the famous taiyaki shop nearby, just around the corner from Tohoku University hospital. The other two shops of the same company are located near Sendai station (but too far for us, lol). Taikichi always offers one flavor for just 100 yen for a certain period. If you are very very lucky, you may even have the chance to eat delicious taiyaki for just 88 yen.

This Taikichi is far away from the crowds of Sendai station, so you don’t have to wait in line and compete with other tourist. They have benches outside where you can enjoy your hot taiyaki, take a moment to relax with the sweet (or salty) cake and watch the cars coming and going around you.

However, this shop closes a little earlier than the other two store. It may because there are not as many customers as the two near Sendai station. Usually when I pass there on 6:30 in evening, they are preparing to close. If you don’t want to waste your trip, go there in the morning or earlier in the afternoon.

食べ処 ’Tabetokoro’ All items 300 yen!! Izakaya

Yummy: ♥♥♥


Category:  居酒屋 (Izakaya)

Drinking and eating at an Izakaya is a big part of Japanese culture. Moreover, I guess it is the one of rather few night events you can enjoy as a student in japan. Commonly, the prices at a regular Izakaya are not that cheap. Most of them cater to the ‘salary man’ working crowd, so students without a high income may not be able to afford the high prices. But never fear!! ‘Tabetokoro’ is a great choice for you to have the Izakaya experience without sending yourself broke. You can enjoy tasty BBQ and alcohol at a very cheap price – all items are 300 yen!! Though the serving sizes are not huge, the basic choices are all available.

The Izakaya is owned by an old man. I really like the warm feeling of the restaurant, watching the owner chat with his regular customers.

Do you wanna take a break this Friday night? Hanging out with your friends at this warm Izakaya is a fantastic way to relax. Or even just coming by yourself is also great!

韓和 (Hana)

Yummy: ♥♥♥

Price: ¥¥

Category:  韓国料理定食 (Korean set-meal)

When you’re feeling a bit bored with Japanese food everyday, you can come to Hana, a tasty Korean restaurant! It offers several classic Korean dishes, such as bibimbap, Gingsen and chicken soup and Stir Fried Rice Cake. All the dishes are Korean style but not as spicy as authentic Korean food. However, the staff will happily accommodate to your taste! For example, last time I had the bibimbap set and the owner asked me about the amount of spicy sauce I wanted. Then she customized my “a little bit spicy bibimbap”. She was very kind and warm, just like the atmosphere of the small restaurant.

It is highly recommend to have your lunch here. There are 5 delicious lunch sets that you can choose to enjoy Korean taste for just 800 yen. 800 yen for one set might sound a little pricey, but each meal will make very full!!

lunch menu
regular menu

If you are Taiwanese, please visit my blog to read the Chinese version and other stories of my life in Tohoku!


‘Sengoku Niboshi’

Opening hours: 11:45am~ 3:30pm  6:00pm~9:00pm

Closed: Thursday



 Opening hours: 10:00am~ 6:30pm

Closed: Tuesday


‘Tabetokoro Sanjo’

Opening hours: 5:30 pm~23:59pm

‘Korean Restaurant – Hana’

Opening hours: 11:30am~ 2:30pm  5:00pm~10:00pm (Monday – Saturday)

Closed: Monday


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