Eco Night Fantasy-Urabandai snow Festival


Urabandai snow Festival in Fukushima Prefecture is one of the top ten most popular snow festivals in Japan.

The events of Eco Night Fantasy begin as the sun goes down in the early evening.


The view of warmly shining lanterns hangin from the tree shinning is very touching.

The white snow on the ground was covered with warm candle light, and the flame of the candles swayed in the wind, creating beautiful shadow on the surrounding snow and ice.











How romantic it is!

If you feel cold, just visit the ice-bar for some liquor or amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice) to warm up your body!

We had ‘Ice Jagermeister’, chilled in a test tube!

Whilst the last thing you might feel like doing in the snow (holding ice in your hands!) but the taste of the liqor makes your body immediately warm up!

If you’re not one for alcohol, you can try some ‘amazake’.

Sweet taste in your mouth, and warming to the heart, it’s also a great choice!

The enchantingly beautiful scenery here is definitely worth to a visit to see!



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