I like to move it, move it! ~ Great places for exercising in Sendai!

I like doing exercise. Everyone should exercise regularly; not only for keeping in shape, but to generally improve your health and fitness! So, I’d like to introduce several convenient places to you. They are all easy to access within Sendai City 🙂



    • Sendai Silver Center

      This pool is very close to Sendai station, so I think it is possible the most accessible swimming pool in Sendai. The length is only 20m but it is rarely crowded so you can continue your lap-swimming as long as you want. They have 4 lanes. One is for walking in water and the other three are for swimming. They also have sauna room.
      BUT! Be warned – there is a reason the pool is named “silver” center…it is most commonly used by elderly (silver-haired) citizens during the day . People without silver hair can only use the pool between 5pm and 8pm. I usually go there after I leave my lab to work off the stress of the day between 6pm ~ 8pm.

      ADDRESS: 980-0013 宮城県仙台市青葉区花京院1丁目3-2
      POOL TYPE: Warm water pool
      COST: 580¥/2hr (adult)
      OPENING TIMES: 17:00~20:00
    • Sendai Mizunomori Pool

      Its environment is very clean and the building looks quite new. If you go in the morning on a weekday, there won’t be many other visitors and you can enjoy the 25m lane.  There is also a water slide and playground for children. It is a very suitable place for a family to have a happy and healthy family weekend ~ In addition, those who like Sauna but hate the feeling of burning should come here to have a try! The temperature of the sauna room is just right. Be warned, it will make you wanna stay inside longer and longer and never come out. The only inconvenience of this destination is that there is no easy method to get there. So going there with a car is recommended if you don’t want to do much warming up before you jump into the pool.

      ADDRESS: 4 Chome-1-1 Mizunomori, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi-ken 981-0962
      POOL TYPE: Warm water pool
      COST: 580¥/2hr (adult)
      OPENING TIMES: 9:00~21:00



    • Hirosei River Running Trail

      The trail starts from from Yodomi bridge(澱橋) to Ushigoe bridge(牛越橋). The total length (one way) is 1 km. It is my favourite place for jogging because you can enjoy a nice view of the river while you are running. I sometimes go for a morning jog there for about 30 minutes to burn maybe about 180 kcal, lol. The other benefit of jogging there is that the air is very fresh because there are not many cars passing through.  It is not very hard to access. You can go to either bridge to start your workout by bus or by bike. On the banks of the river there are some platform decks where you can hold BBQ parties! It is quite a beautiful jogging haven~

      OPENING TIMES: 24hr
    • Sendai City Athletic stadium(Night running station)

      If you are busy during the day time, you can go to Sendai City Athletic stadium to join their running station program. You only have to pay 300 yen! You can then have access to the professional running track. In addition, they offer free showers. It is very easy to get to the stadium because it is just nearby JR Miyaginohara station.

      ADDRESS: 〒983-0045 Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai, Miyagino Ward, Miyagino, 2 Chome−11−6
      19:00~21:00 Tuesday to Friday ( April~October)
      19:00~21:00 Tuesday and Friday (November~March)
      COST: 300¥
      @take shower for free


Weight Training

    • Tohoku University Kawauchi stadium

      If you are a student at Tohoku University, I strongly recommend you to make use of the training room. It not very big but it is free! I usually ride my bike from my dorm to Kawauchi campus (it is a great warm up) and work out in the morning. As it is free, there is not a huge range of machines to use, but there are plenty of basic equipment like dumbbells or barbell that are in good condition. You also can use the stationary bike or rowing machine to do some cardio exercise. But they don’t have treadmill…So you can run around the viewing platform instead!

      9:00~20:00 (weekday of semester)
      9:00~17:00 (weekend of semester and weekday of vacation)
      COST: free (only for Tohoku Univ. students)
    • Sendai City Aoba Stadium(仙台市青葉体育館)

      In fact, some of the other stadiums in Sendai also have training rooms. However, most of them are not so easy to access 🙁 . Aoba stadium, at least, is located beside JR Kita-Sendai station. It only takes 5 minutes from Sendai station by JR train. It only costs 360 yen per session, and you don’t have to buy a course-ticket or pay a monthly fee.  New users do have to apply for a membership card and take an initial training course (1 hr) for their first time. It is not hard to apply – just go to the counter in the stadium and make a reservation (reservation information: http://www.spf-sendai.jp/aoba/english/index.html).

      ADDRESS: Tsutsumimachi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 981-0912
      TEL:022-717-1191 FAX:022-717-1533
      OPENING TIMES: 9:00~21:00 (weekday of semester)
      COST: 360¥


Other Sports and Sports Clubs

Some of the public gymnasiums also  have basketball courts, volleyball courts or badminton courts, etc. They are great choices to hold sport events. But you have to make a reservation and pay a rental fee… You have to prepare some photographic identification and apply for a membership card, then you can start to use the facilities on offer!

Besides public gymnasiums, there are several tennis courts open to public use in Sendai City. It is similar system to the public gymnasiums in that you have to apply for a membership card. There is also some payment involved. A summary of all the sports facilities information for Sendai can be found on this website. 仙台スポーツ情報ナビ.

Finally, I want to introduce a club named “Hello World”. The club holds many kinds of sport events like volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc. They even have dance events! For foreign residents it is free to join the first time. Following that, you have to pay 500 yen each time if you can reserve beforehand (or 1000 yen to make a reservation on the day). The members are all very friendly and you can make new friends with people from tons of different countries.

Let’s exercise!!!!!!!!


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