Flight of the Crane: Tsurunomai Bridge

Taking a drive through countryside Aomori on a clear and sunny spring day, we couldn’t believe our luck when we decided to take a pit-stop by Lake Tsugaru-Fujimi. Even with the last few cherry blossoms still clinging to their branches, our eyes were completely captivated by a beautiful triple-arched wooden bridge stretching across the blue water to a snow-capped Mt. Iwaki.

Tsuronomai Bridge is the longest wooden arched bridge in Japan (300m to be exact) made from Aomori Hiba timber. The elegant shape of the bridge is said to resemble the graceful flight of crane (in Japanese ‘tsuru’ – hence the name). A stroll across the beautiful bridge is said to bring you long life.




Long life or no, we were pretty satisfied having stumbled across such a stunning view. With a lovely park and facilities near by, it would make the perfect location for an afternoon stroll, cycle or picnic.



Located about a 50 min drive from Hirosaki City (access by car recommended – beautiful views of countryside + Mt. Iwaki on the way)

If taking public transport: take the JR Ou line from Shin-Aomori to Kawabe station (40mins) and change to the JR Gono line to Mutsu-Tsuruda station (25 mins). Take a taxi for 10 mins to Tsugaru-Fujimiko Park.

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Born and raised in Australia, Jess has been living in Japan for the past four years. Whilst the cold winters are a struggle (!) she completely fell in love with Tohoku after moving to Fukushima prefecture to teach English in 2013. Having traveled to 18 countries (with a long list yet to get through) she knows the ins-and-outs of budget travel and what makes a memorable destination. She hopes to discover more off-the-beaten-track (read: inaka) destinations in Tohoku for those seeking a 'real Japan' experience.

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