Sendai Bouldering 101

Yayy! Summer is here!!

If you are looking for some activities to do during your summer vacation this might just be the inspiration you need: try bouldering! It is both fun and challenging.
There are several places where you can try out bouldering in Sendai. I tried ‘B’Nutz Indoor climbing’ in Jozenji street, in the downtown area (see access details below).
Bouldering is a form of wall or rock climbing that can be performed without ropes or harnesses.

B’Nutz is located off the shopping arcade along Jozenji street. It is not so big of an indoor space but contains more challenge than you will ever need! This was my first time to try bouldering, so I will share with you ‘bouldering 101’ for dummies!
There are three things you will need to try bouldering:

(1) Bouldering shoes which will squeeze your feet and grip to your footholds (you can rent it at the store for 200 JPY, or just use your indoor shoes; I tried the latter but found it will hold you down a bit);
(2) Chalk to keep your hands dry so they don’t slip (I just learned apparently there is some kind of special liquid chalk that you are allowed to use for bouldering);
(3) Bouldering mats to prevent injuring yourself if (or when!) you fall (Don’t worry you don’t need to prepare this one, the store has them prepared for you)

Climbing shoes

The rules are simple enough: start with your hands on the starting steps, climb, and put both of your hands on the finishing step for at least 3 seconds. But it’s not quite that simple! To make things a little more challenging, the steps are organised into several levels that you can try to conquer. They are graded in terms of difficulty by colour; the easiest level is pink and the black steps mark the hardest level. Additionally, the pink and orange levels have two types of stages: free feet and arranged feet.

The levels, start-step and goal-steps
So how do you make it to the top?

You will notice that each step or block is marked with a sticker of different color and shape. Choose your level and find the step marked with your level-colour and ‘s’ for start. The first step is to grab this step with your hands. Then, on free feet, you need to climb up using only the steps marked with the same colour and shape. The harder levels are set up as ‘arranged feet’ only, where the steps you can use are already decided. Before starting to climb, you have to think about the route you want to take and how to arrange placement of your limbs, otherwise it will be very hard to reach that final finish stone!

Think about the route you will take before start climbing

They offer both vertical walls which are (relatively) easier and horizontal walls for those wanting a real challenge, or those wanting to look like Spiderman while climbing.
One time entry will cost you 1650 JPY, or 1300 JPY if you are a member. You are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks in with you, so you can spend as much time as you want! This place is a great place to start your bouldering journey. Just be warned – it can be very addictive!

B’Nutz Sendai Indoor rock climbing

Have you ever tried bouldering? Please share your bouldering tips with me 😉

2,160 JPY (1 day entrance) or 1,300 JPY if you are a member (membership registration fee: 1,080 JPY)
クライミングジムビーナッツ,〒980-0803 Miyagi-ken, Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Kokubunchō, 3 Chome−3−5
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