Discover Tohoku by car!

Nearly 30 times the size of Tokyo, the Tohoku region is a treasure-trove of dynamic natural scenery that transforms with each season, exciting, unique local festivals and a rich cuisine of blessings from both mountain and ocean. Despite this, Tohoku is often overlooked by visitors to Japan in favour of well-trodden metropolises like Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Perhaps due to its sheer size!

Often the distance between different attractions and local experiences in Tohoku is long and it can be costly to travel.Some of the best attractions are hidden off the beaten track and travelers are often required to change between a number of different transport systems – from Shinkansen and local trains to rent-a-cars.

However, NEXCO East (East Nippon Expressway Company Limited) has found the perfect solution in their fantastic value Tohoku Expressway Pass rental car plan for visitors to Japan!

Travelers can choose from a range of passes of different price and length – for example, 4000 yen for a two-day pass, 8500 yen for a week-long pass – all providing unlimited use of Tohoku expressways! The daily cost of the pass is cheaper the longer the period, with the longest available being two weeks.

Usually, travelling just one-way between Sendai City and Aomori will set you back around 7550 yen in tolls. Using the pass, it has already made back its value from just that one trip.

This is your chance to get out and explore Tohoku, without the extra cost!

Enjoy the freedom to stop at places that catch your eye and pull over at service stations for a quick bite of some tasty local produce; customize your Tohoku adventure!

This great value plan is only available to tourists, although some might be a little hesitant about jumping straight into driving in Japan! To ease your mind, NEXCO & Go!Go!Tohoku!! have teamed up to share the experience of 4 international students who tried out the Tohoku Expressway Pass for the first time.


Their journey was a two-night, three-day course of some of the best highlights that Iwate and Aomori Prefectures have to offer.


Let’s see how their first adventure turned out…

Day One: Sendai → Hirosaki

Follow us as we set-off from Sendai City, check-out Japan’s amazing ‘flying dumplings’ before taking on the Wanko-soba challenge!! Who will win…?

Day Two: Inakadate → Hachinohe

Have you ever held a real Japanese sword? We have! Some of Japan’s best kept secrets lie in Aomori, including some amazing Rice-Paddy Art, stunning coastal drives and local night-life hidden away from the main streets…

Day Three: Nanbu → Sendai

Is your stomach ready? The only thing that will get us up early is the largest morning market in Japan!! How much local food can we fit into our bellies before it’s time to head back to Sendai?

Read more about NEXCO East’s Tohoku Expressway Pass here!






About NEXCO East

NEXCO East (East Nippon Expressway Company Limited) engages in the operation and construction of expressways, rest area businesses, and other related businesses in the eastern part of Japan, including Tokyo from the Kanto region to Hokkaido, along with parts of Niigata and Nagano.

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