Oh, so many snacks in Osaki!

Let’s enjoy the local food of Osaki City!

Osaki City is located in the northern half of Miyagi Prefecture.  This relatively new city (formed in 2006!) was formed through the merger of 7 municipalities. This resulted in a rather large city which includes the famous Naruko Onsen area in western Osaki, famed for its hot springs!

Today we travel to Furukawa’s Autumn festival, located in the most populous part of Osaki City, to eat several of the local specialties of the region!

Furukawa makes for a tasty stop over on your way to Sendai or Naruko Onsen!

Kuri (Chestnuts)

Northern Miyagi Prefecture is best known for its abundance of dishes made from Kuri, or Japanese chestnuts. In particular, you can find many sweets containing Kuri, such as manju, cookies, mochi, among many others. We sampled Kuri Dango, which is a Japanese dumpling made from rice flour, containing a large chestnut inside, topped off with chestnut paste. These go great with a cup of hot green tea!

Hatto-Jiru (Wheat flour Soup)

Another specialty of Northern Miyagi is Hatto-jiru, or Hatto Soup. This soup contains a miso based broth with meat and vegetables. What makes this unique from other Japanese soups is the presence of kneaded wheat flour that serves as the dish’s starch.

Zunda Crepes (Sweet Edamame soybeans)

Although commonly associated with Sendai, Zunda is a specialty of Miyagi Prefecture. As Osaki is predominantly agricultural, compared to the more urban Sendai, many fresh vegetables and fruits are grown in Osaki. You can easily find Zunda products, such as Zunda Crepes, made locally!

Tomato Juice

Aside from rice and chestnuts, Osaki also produces Miyagi Prefecture’s tomatoes! Don’t be surprised to find several tomato based products like this 100% tomato juice made with Osaki tomatoes!


The Furukawa area of Osaki City is one of the few cities in Miyagi Prefecture with direct connection to the shinkansen (bullet train). A trip from Tokyo the Tokyo area by shinkansen will take roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes, or from Sendai, 12 minutes (please keep in mind that not every shinkansen train stops by Furukawa, so please check out train schedule sites such as hyperdia in the link below.

If you prefer to save money and take the local train, you can take the JR Tohoku Mainline to Kogota, then transfer to the JR Rikuu-East Line bound for Naruko Onsen.


Accomodation Options

Furukawa Station offers a small number of large hotels located within a 5 minute walk from the exit! Large chains such as Route-Inn are easily noticeable when arriving to Furukawa. Tohoku Inn, which took over Toyoko Inn’s Furukawa branch, is also located right in front of the station and offers virtually the same exact amenities as Toyoko Inn.

Useful Links

Hyperdia – A very useful site to look up train schedules. Simply type in the station you are departing from, and the station you are trying to access, and Hyperdia will produce several routes you can take!

Japanican – This is a site I use to search and book hotel rooms in Japan


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