Tohoku’s Sakurabito

Sakurabito: 桜人/ An old word used since the 11th century, meaning a person enjoying cherry blossoms. This word is often used for haiku as a seasonal word expresses spring. I could not wait for spring after the cold snowy winter in Sendai. I enjoyed my first winter in Japan by going to Yamadera, Rifu, Yonezawa and […]


Reopening of the Joban Line!

When one of our Japanese friends invited us to her place, we gladly accepted since we were looking for ways to relax from our hectic schedule. As an International Student here in Japan, it is always nice to have some Japanese friends around. We get to practice our Japanese, hear about inside stories we wouldn’t normally have the […]


Amidst the Snow in Yonezawa

For the Japan Traveller, Tohoku prefecture offers a fantastic chance to see some lesser-seen sights and experience a white, snow-filled winter! With the arrival of New Year, we were waiting avidly for thick snowfall and were excited by the flood of pictures showing frost-glazed streets and roofs around Sendai filling our Instagram and Facebook feeds. […]