Miyagi Secrets: Where to ‘Hanami’

Hanami (花見), literally meaning flower (花 ‘hana’) viewing (見 ‘mi’ from 見る ‘miru’ – to look), is a part of Japanese culture with a long history. Practiced since the 7th century, people first enjoyed ‘hanami’ by viewing the blossoms of Japanese plum (梅 ‘ume’). It was in the Heian Period in the early 8th century when Hanami become analogous to cherry […]


Zaytoon Palestinian Bistro

Have you ever tried Palestinian food? If not – we’re on the same team! Well, that is, we were until I recently found this quirky restaurant located just a 10 minute walk from Sendai Station: Zaytoon Palestinian Bistro. The restaurant is not so big, but once you get inside the atmosphere around you suddenly changes. The room is decorated […]


Sendai Dontosai Festival

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate New Year’s, come to Japan. No, we’re not talking about huge fireworks or a pool party. That’s too mainstream for Japan. Indeed, Japan doesn’t celebrate New years with huge festivities. Japanese welcome the New Year by visiting a shrine (hatsumōde (初詣) which literally means 1st visit to the temple […]