Scenic Cliffs of Kitayamazaki

If you want to enjoy a scenic slideshow from the bus window before ending up in the most amazing coastal place, you have to travel through Sanriku Fukko National Park & take a look at the Kitayamazaki Cliffs.  It almost makes you feel like the main character of an adventure or traveling series. The brilliant blue Pacific Ocean, mysterious horizon, small […]


Cool noodles: Reimen in Morioka!

If you want an authentic ‘Iwate’ culinary experience,  you can’t leave without trying the 3 most well known noodles of the region: “わんこそば(wankosoba)”、”冷麺(Reimen)” and “じゃじゃめん(jangjangmen)”. Wankosoba is a fast-paced eating challenge where you have to keep eating successive mouthfuls of noodles served at lightening speed into your bowl. As soon as you finish one mouthful, the waitress will put another one in your bowl. They won’t stop […]


Have a Laugh: English Comedy Club in Sendai City

Feeling stressed and in desperate need of some entertainment? Well, take yourself down to the Sendai Comedy Club! You can visit their facebook page to check their current event schedule. Events are usually held in the evening around 7:30 p.m. at Ceskoya restaurant in Sendai City. I went to their event once and I really enjoyed it. At first it was a little tricky to find the […]


Incredible Iwate

For my first Go!Go!Tohoku!! tour, I chose to visit Iwate prefecture. Iwate is a sparsely populated, very natural place where you can feel the charm of a numerous different attractions. We set out from Sendai Station early in the morning. Our first stop was “Gedo Highland Ski Resort”—Yes! We are going to on our first ski of the season in 2017! […]