Reopening of the Joban Line!

When one of our Japanese friends invited us to her place, we gladly accepted since we were looking for ways to relax from our hectic schedule. As an International Student here in Japan, it is always nice to have some Japanese friends around. We get to practice our Japanese, hear about inside stories we wouldn’t normally have the […]



行程參考(含 Google Map 的位置): 第一天 –7:15– 集合:整裝待出發 –7:30~10:00– 行車:仙台至檜原湖 –10:00~13:00– 活動:湖上冰穴釣、午餐 (¥4,700/人 –12:30~13:30– 行車:檜原湖至豬苗代湖 –13:30~15:30– 活動:觀賞天鵝 –15:30~16: 00– 行車:豬苗代湖至Listel飯店 –16:00~17:00– 活動:悠閒玩雪 –17:00~– 入住、晚餐、溫泉、休憩 DAY 2 –7:00~8:00– 早餐、穿戴滑雪裝備 –8:00~10:00– 活動:滑雪 (¥1,600/ 三小時一人 –10:00~10:30– 退房 –10:30~11:30– 行車:Listel飯店至會津若松城 –11:30~13:30– 活動:遊覽會津若松城 (¥410/ 入場券 –13:30~14:30– 行車:會津若松至大內宿 –14:30~16:30– 活動:午餐、大內宿散策 –16:30~– 行車:大內宿至仙台 大眾交通運輸行程(含 Google Map 的位置): 第一天 –8:44/8:00~10:24– 行車:仙台駛 / 東京駛至豬苗代駛 (東北新幹線>>郡山駅, (JR磐越西線>>豬苗代駛 […]


Tohoku Onsen Journey in Winter

Looking for something so ‘Japanese’? My suggestion would be: take a dip in an onsen (温泉, Japanese natural hot spring). Onsen are scattered all around Japan, including the Tohoku Area. There are generally 2 types of bath at most Onsen: indoor baths and ‘Roten-buro’ ((露天風呂 or 野天風呂, outdoor baths). Traditionally, onsen were gender mixed. However since the Meiji period it became more common […]