Tohoku’s Sakurabito

Sakurabito: 桜人/ An old word used since the 11th century, meaning a person enjoying cherry blossoms. This word is often used for haiku as a seasonal word expresses spring. I could not wait for spring after the cold snowy winter in Sendai. I enjoyed my first winter in Japan by going to Yamadera, Rifu, Yonezawa and […]


Miyagi Secrets: Where to ‘Hanami’

Hanami (花見), literally meaning flower (花 ‘hana’) viewing (見 ‘mi’ from 見る ‘miru’ – to look), is a part of Japanese culture with a long history. Practiced since the 7th century, people first enjoyed ‘hanami’ by viewing the blossoms of Japanese plum (梅 ‘ume’). It was in the Heian Period in the early 8th century when Hanami become analogous to cherry […]


Hana-yori-Dango: Savoury Style [Recipe]

April is spring time! It is the time for flowers to present their charm; especially Sakura (cherry blossom), the symbol of Japan. Japanese people have a great culture of “Hanami”, or flower viewing. When the spring flowers, particularly Sakura, start to bloom, many Japanese people will get together with their family, friends or workmates to sit under the trees and eat some food (and […]