Meet a real Maiko: Kyoto culture in Yamagata

For many visitors to Japan, one of the most coveted cultural experiences is meeting a ‘Geisha’ (also ‘Geiko’ depending on the region) or an apprentice ‘Maiko’. For centuries, these impeccably skilled artisans have perfected and protected some of the finest and beautiful elements of Japanese tradition and culture; from music and dance to tea ceremony and calligraphy. […]


Feel the Beat: The ‘Taiko’ Experience

Until recently, if someone asked me to compare ‘Taiko’ with another aspect of Japanese traditional culture, I wouldn’t have known where to start! I have to confess that I did not know much about Taiko at all until I took a class at Tohoku University (where I am studying as an exchange student). When anyone mentions Japanese culture, I automatically think of ‘Sado’ ( […]